Dr. Tufail Muhammad's Ph.D. Defense
Farewell Session for few MInG Graduates
At SoftCom Closing Ceronamy 
Dr. Zahid Halim at ACM Softcom
Attending a Session at GIK
Dr. Zahid Halim at ICET2014
Dr. Zahid Halim's Session Talk @ ICET2014 on Big Data/Data Science
Dr. Zahid Halim at HEC QAA
Activities Related to QEC at/for HEC and PEC
Dr. Zahid Halim PEC Foreign Evaluators Presentation
With few graduate students after their convocation
Dr. Zahid Halim and graduate students
(From left to right) Uzma, M. Atif, Dr. Zahid Halim, Jamal, Omer
At a CIIT-ORIC workshop on High Performance Team Culture