Modular Interactive Tiles

This project deals with the evolution of entertaining games using the concept of tangible tiles. Here, tangible tiles are used to construct an interactive playground where the player can play different games and also give feedback related to each game. The games implemented are predator/prey games which demand physical activity amongst the users and therefore act as a tool to be used against obesity and other health problems such as diabetes.

Measuring the child’s level of entertainment and adjusting the game in order to increase it, has positive effects on the child’s physical condition. Predator/prey games involve the human as the main player and implements other entities in the game which act as opponents for the player. Genetic algorithms are used to generate rules for games which enhance the entertainment value of each game based on the user’s feedback. This project will also implement a software based controller which will act as a human and play each game in order to calculate the entertainment value of the game. The project implements a total of 9 individual tiles with their own processing capabilities and one master controller which work together to form a digital playground. Thus, the entire process will eventually end up evolving highly entertaining and physically activating games for the users to involve their participation

Project Team

Dated: 2013

Dr. Zahid Halim (Advisor, Standing), (From left to right)Sarah Khalid, Mahnoor Rehman and Saud Imran